Goat Lady Soap Co. Goat milk Soaps


handmade soaps made by hand in small batches and dried for a minimum of 4 weeks .  All soaps are free of artificial colors and harsh drying chemicals. 

Pine tar soap was created by special request for our store, of that old time smell. NOTE: This pine tar soap does not leave the same thick soap scum behind many pine tar soaps do.

Hazelnut Coffee: perfect for scrubbing off those stinky kitchen smells from your hands

Pure & Natural: Just that great natural smell with no added fragrances.

Butterfly Kisses: a gentle floral bouquet

English Rose: Smells like a garden of Roses on a warm summer day

Lemon Biscotti: Sweet and tangy.

Vanilla: the name says it all

tea tree; made with melaleuca oil.  Good for skin conditions.