Kingsley Street Artisan Soaps


Luxurious high quality soaps.

Midnight Mint: This facial bar contains Peppermint, tea tree (melaleuca), and Charcoal.  Invigorating and cleanising.

Bay Rum: A spicy Citrus smell that's just right for guys.

Parks & Rec: An exfoliating beer soap (Middle Ages brewing Co. porter) with a brisk outdoorsy smell and coffee grounds for a good scrubbing.

Forest lavender:  For the forest sprite in all of us.  A gentle woodsy smell with a hint of sweet fragrant lavender. 

Sandalwood:  a classic musky scent reminiscent of dried tobacco, freshly cut wood and teak 

 Under the Sea: a seaweed sea salt bar to turn your shower into an ocean front spa.  Just close your eyes and picture yourself on the sand.